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About Us

What is Eberlin?

Eberlin is a biological skin care brand that combines the latest technology with pure highly concentrated natural ingredients.

Founded in 1984 – over 30 years now – by Don Julian Ferrer (in memorian) and his wife, Dona Carmen Utrera, their philosophy of manufacturing skin care products using exclusively 100% natural substances such as organic essential oils, pure plant extracts and concentrated biological active ingredients leaded the company to developing its own laboratory ‘Nemesis Laboratorios’, in Madrid, Spain, that would allow deep studies resulting in scientifically proven results that are the basis of Eberlin products. Don Julian and Dona Carmen’s philosophy are represented inside every single Eberlin formula as “Beauty through skin health”.

Tailor made for your unique skin type

Every individual is different from each other, and we all have an unique skin type. When we say ‘skin care’, personalisation is essential. Throughout the decades and merging technology with a health-driven philosophy, Eberlin developed products with high concentration of pure active ingredients to benefit every different skin type. Eberlin products can be personalised, with different ingredients and different concentration of actives. This method, allied with biological formulas and thorough sciencetific studies, allows the skin care professional to analyse each skin type and to achieve the desire results.

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Biological and environmental friendly

Eberlin products are made to bring the best of your skin through health, so the formulas are 100% from natural substances and paraben free. Furthermore, the products are never tested on animals.

Eberlin in the UK

It is interesting to know about the technical aspects of Eberlin skincare products, but nothing is more inspiring than the personal story of Eberlin in the UK and it’s Managing Directors story, Aminah Aboud:

Three years ago I suffered with very difficult skin to treat, I had acne and rosacea and I was losing my self-confidence. i became ashamed of my skin as it was progressively getting worse. I started trying all types of skin care products from many brands, even my mum’s friend used to send me numerous products from America, however, my skin was getting worse.  products to treat acne are usually very harsh on the skin, and as I suffered with rosacea and skin sensitivity all the products were incompatible with each other. This made my skin red, itchy, swollen and incredibly irritated. As a result of this frustration I became skin care obsessed looking eyerwhere for a solution.Through a doctor friend of my family, I was personally introduced to Carmen Utrera, Eberlin founder who diagnosed my skin and selected a range of products personalised for my skin type. In less than a month of using the products day and night, there were no signs of acne or rosacea at all! I was completely thrilled. I then decided to dedicate myself to bringing these life changing products to the uk so that I could help transform the lives of those going through the same terrible experiences that i had been.I wanted to ensure as many people as possible could believe in the results i had personally experienced”.

– Aminah Aboud, Eberlin UK Director

Aminah is a Cosmetologist, Medi-Spa/ Beauty Clinic Business Consultant and Lecturer, she works very close to the retailers with strategy, business analysis and also workshops that embrace topics from skin care advise to marketing and sales.

Eberlin has helped thousands of consumers in Europe for more than 30 years, and we are proud to continuously research scientifically based skin care solutions for people that are looking to make the most of their skin!